30 August, 2008

Slow Food Nation 08. San Francisco

Today I had a little taste of  slow and very tasty food since I was treated by a last-minute free ticket to the Slow Food Nation 08. The ticket was for tasting, but there are also many other separate events such as out door concerts, panel discussions, market place, etc. One of the events that I might go tomorrow is Slow Food Nation Victory Garden at Civic Center. The co-host of this event is Victory Gardens 2008+, which is ideated by Amy Franceschini of Future Farmers. Her designs influenced me in a great deal when I was in school. 

This is Slow Dough, a ticket that allows 20 tasting points. Most of tastings cost 1 to 2 points.

This is a picture of very green printing work done by BPS Reprographics at Bread Pavilion. Pizza tasting and indian bread tasting both had a long line.

Charcuterie.  This booth was very nicely designed, including the glass cases displaying different kind of meat, slicing machine parts, etc. Serving plate was charmingly designed butcher paper. 

Salami from Healdsburg.

Prosciutto, ham, and pork confit. Confit on the slice of country bread was my favorite. Sliced meats are all a little too salty and greasy for me to enjoy the taste of meat itself. 

Cooking demonstration at Green Kitchen.

Fish section, obviously.

Three kinds of seafood tasting. Sardine was fantastic. Octopus and fava beans in pesto sauce was delicious as well. 

There were also pavilions for tea, coffee, ice cream, olive oil, honey&preserves, chocolate, spirits, cheese and wine. I thought the event was fantastic, and I also thought the signage and other designs are very well done and sophisticated as well.

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Erin said...

The decorative signage at Slow Food was very nice. For some reason though, the organizers didn't think to have any signage directing people to the various extremely long lines for tastings. The event was very disorganized. It sounds like you had a good time and free ticket. I'm happy that was the case for you. We on the other hand, paid $58/ticket and feel completely ripped off. This is a worthy cause, but I'm not sure the people running Slow Food Nation are the ones who should be in charge. You will never effect change in the world with poorly executed good intentions. The world needs good, clean, fair food. But everyone should be spending their time trying to make this food affordable and available, instead of organizing over priced foodie love fests that only the most blind followers are going to say worked. We're fortunate enough to be able to afford all this good, clean food, and we thought that by attending the Slow Food Tasting Pavilions we'd be supporting the cause and learning a little more about the subject. All we really learned however, was that like so many progressive movements, this one is all talk and no action. I will make sure that I tell everyone who will listen that they should not support this event or this organization. People who care about food and the planet should shop at the farmers' market, donate money to well-run charities, and grow their own food. They should not be involved with Slow Food Nation at all.

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